Mobile Devices, You and I

Great shout out for Data Shapers’ OfficeShark from Dan Braniff at Proactive IT Solutions!

Read his blog post below:


Mobile devices, you and I – By On March 8, 2011 ·

When we talked about mobile devices a couple years ago, we mostly talked about Palm Pilots or mobile phones with WAP browsing capabilities, today it is a new world we have tablet devices with 3G connectivity, and wireless hot spots, our mobile phones have vibrant color screens and full html browsing capabilities, but what does this all mean to you and I besides the fun games we can play?

When we take a vacation today, we generally bring our iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad or Android powered device, chances are all these devices have some sort of wireless connectivity, either over 3G or WiFi. These devices allow us to work from anywhere sending emails or accessing and editing documents. We may even be ready to go for a press conference, but forgot to print off a certain document back at the office. Today we can access that document through the Cloud, and print it off at the local print shop, or at a hotel we are staying at. Its that simple.

Today, being forgetful doesn’t mean anything as long as we have an internet connected device at the ready. The internet along with Cloud applications leaves us with our work and personal life at our fingertips. Solutions like OfficeShark, and Google Apps, allows us to access our computer, email, documents, pictures, almost anything, anywhere and anytime.

What mobile device do you prefer, do you use cloud applications on it?

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Mobile Devices, You and I

Great shout out for Data Shapers’ OfficeShark from Dan Braniff at...

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